Fatality. Flawless Victory. Kevin Bacon Wins.

In this episode we discuss 2000’s Hollow Man. Nate continues to have a ridiculous amount of cousins. Dave points out that the gorilla was only mostly dead. And the phone rings a couple of times that I couldn’t edit out. Podcast is late because WordPress locked us out of our own blog.


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This Movie Features:

That means you Congress!

Visual thumbprint scanners

Scientific paintball equipment

The reason I hate needles

One chemical accident away from fighting Batman

No! Stalls are too expensive. And put Urinals in the ladies room

The best solution scientists can think of.

Stupid kids and Steve Altes

Yeah, that's how electronics work

Invisibility = Steam resistant face

Easy wash off blood

Elizabeth Shue is Gordon Freeman

Losing enough thetans = Invisibility

How 'bout a little fire Scarecrow

The real star of the movie. Steve Altes

~ by Moral of the Story Podcast on May 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Fatality. Flawless Victory. Kevin Bacon Wins.”

  1. Thanks for appreciating my fine work driving that car in “Hollow Man!” You guys crack me up.

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