The Predator Uses 100% Of the Special Forces Operative

In this episode James Kincaid from The Best Damn Nerd Show joins us to discuss 1987’s Predator. Nate discovers what they make Mountain Dew from. Dave learns lasers + trees = fireworks. James likes the deep romance between Mac and Blaine.


DOWNLOAD HERE! Right Click, Save As.Predator Uses 100% Of the Special Forces Operative


Awww. The spaceship is so cute.

The Sexual Tyrannosaurus

Native Americans suck. Literally.

Man, I can't see anything with this mask on.

Stick around!

They killed my pet scorpion. Those bastards! Now who will rock me like a hurricane?

Anaconda provided by Sir Mix-a-Lot

Mack hates nature

Moving the Body's body

What is the sound of one hand shooting

I'm gonna kill myself before the Predator gets me

Barely injured

This isn't mud!

Celebrating Predator Independence Day

Well it looks like you need braces.


David Hayter as Solid Snake


~ by Moral of the Story Podcast on August 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Predator Uses 100% Of the Special Forces Operative”

  1. Right on!

  2. Loving the shit out this episode of the podcast [ made me LOL tears of joy ] ^_^ and predator is one of my favorite movies .

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