Does He Cast A Circle Of Protection?

In this episode we discuss Steven Seagal is Half Past Dead. Nate confuses Ice T and Ice Cube. Dave schools Nate in the science of Do-Rags. I had a cold when we recorded apparently when I turned my mic off to cough it desynced out track each time. So that was fun editing.


DOWNLOAD HERE! Right Click, Save As.


This Movie Features:

Half Past Dead: Rap Delivery Vector

Let's ruin all the parts on this stolen car before we try to sell them

How dare he try to have a squint off with Steven Seagal

Dual wielding FBI agents

Let's give the dangerous inmates access to power tools

Breaking news: Polar ice caps melt, global warming to blame.

I don't know anything about make-up, but I think you went a little too heavy on the eye shadow

I should have taken more than 3 hours of pilot training

After this heist she'll be able to get the other half of her shirt off layaway

Prison Armory better stocked than most European militaries

This will stop the Caped Crusader! HaHaHa

I wouldn't give Ja Rule access to weapons even if he wasn't a prison inmate

Accuracy is for losers

How will they manage to knock over a fruit stand during a helicopter chase

Check out my abs!

Enhance Enhance Enhance

~ by Moral of the Story Podcast on August 20, 2011.

One Response to “Does He Cast A Circle Of Protection?”

  1. I was waiting til you posted the episode to share this link. I guess great minds think alike. I for one would love to see a Film Brain/Moral of the Story crossover at some point. 😉

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