Unless They’ve Got Bulletproof Heads

Brian "Arkle" Webber: Podcaster

In this episode we are joined by Arkle to discuss Art of War. Nate wants to murder Ian Kessler. Dave says not to park on the top level of parking garage. Arkle hates spoilerific trailers. We were having some issues with skype so we may repeat ourselves a couple of times.


DOWNLOAD HERE! Right Click, Save As.


David Chan, the Donald Trump of Egypt?

Good Eddie Murphy impressions

Kung Fu Fight!

They hired the wrong Sutherland. We need some Jack Bauer up in this.

White Guys

Lo Pan addresses the UN about the Truck Drive Menace

Is that disguise racist?

I know that disguise is racist.

With my last breath, I curse Jack Burton...

I'll just wipe this spilled coffee into my hair

Those guys got forked up

Matrix fight...

... into a John Woo reload


Sure they escaped, but now they live in France. Death may have been the better option.


~ by Moral of the Story Podcast on October 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Unless They’ve Got Bulletproof Heads”

  1. Right there with ya, Arkle. Absolutely despise trailers that give too much away or make you feel like you’ve already seen the entire movie. ‘Course then they might have saved you a few bucks and two hours of your life.

    Right when you could hear Bly’s “death” offscreen, you know that was all BS. “Did they actually just snub off one of this movie’s biggest names offscreen through audio only?…No, of course not. No producer’s that stupid.”

    Enjoyed listening, guys. Think I’ll tune in again.

  2. […] I join my former co-worker Nate and his friend Dave on their podcast Moral of the Story to discuss the 2000 Jet Li vehicle that Jet Li left, to be replaced by Wesley Snipes, The Art of War. […]

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