Chief O’Brien Should Have Known Better

Chief O'Brien Should Have Known Better

When the captain says buckle your seat belts he means it.

In this episode we discuss Die Hard 2: Die Harder. We are joined by my friend Brian once again. And once again he was unable to watch the movie before we recorded. Nate knows his Matlock. Dave remembers Val Verde. Brian doesn’t agree with Jason on Fifth Element.

Sorry about the lateness, had family in town, an illness, and a computer failure. Fun all around. A second episode before the weekend is out and another one Monday or Tuesday.


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~ by Moral of the Story Podcast on March 2, 2012.

3 Responses to “Chief O’Brien Should Have Known Better”

  1. There are what they call zero-zero ejection seats, , I had to go through training on them to Fly in an Air Force Trainer a few years back.

    • I stand corrected. However I doubt Val Verde’s Military could afford them. This also means I have to remove one of his deaths.

      • You could always keep the death because of the following items:
        The hot air from the fireball would have collapsed his lungs, not having the seat belts correct and tight would allow him to move around possibly breaking his neck or from the bad landing that he had.

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