What’s this podcast all about?

It’s about the deep hidden meanings behind Hollywood’s greatest movies.

No, seriously.

It’s about two guys watching movies and making each other laugh while poking fun at them.

Who are you guys?

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Men.

The Morals of the Story you guys pick don’t make any sense.

Yeah. It’s great isn’t it.

How is the podcast setup?

We have a few different segments. 1) Synopsis 2)Comments 3) Redux (How Hollywood would remake or should remake the movie) 4) Morals of the Story. We might add more but the podcasts are long enough right now.

How do you choose the movies you discuss?

Kinda like this. We pick an actor from the movie we just watch and then watch another movie with that actor.

When are you going to get to (Movie Name)?


Are there any moves you won’t do?

Yeah. Comedies are hard to poke fun at because anything in them might already be a joke. Some dramas are too serious to make fun of. Mostly I think we’ll do action movies.

Do you hate these movies?

No. We usually really like them. At the very least, we appreciate them in an awesomely-bad way. (like MST3K Fans. Not Hipsters). It’s like Star Wars. Many love the movie dearly, but countless people poke fun at its foibles.

What’s the theme song you use?

“That Calls for a Wilhelm Scream” by Possible Oscar. They’re a really funny band. You should visit their website and buy stuff from their store.

I have a podcast too.

Wonderful! The more the merrier. Except if your podcast is about Twilight. In that case, get the hell off my internet ::Chambers round into shotgun::

Will you play my promo on your podcast?

Probably. We won’t endorse anything we don’t actually like. Message us about it. But you’ll have to play our promo too. HERE

You guys know Bill Paxton wasn’t in Independence Day right?

Yeah. That’s why it was funny.

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